“The best thing about the future is it only comes one day at a time.” -Abraham Lincoln

The best thing

Every spring, May and June bring graduation season – often a bittersweet time for students (and their parents) to look back at accomplishments leading up to this point and forward to the future of what’s to come. This is true whether you’re wearing a high school mortarboard or a college/grad school one.

The future is the giant unknown, and can be frightening, anxiety inducing, exciting and elating all at once. Many of us put pressure on ourselves to have a detailed roadmap – to have every step and decision figured out now so we won’t make a mistake and have regrets down the road. But if your roadmap is too rigid (if you don’t allow some wiggle room in your plans), you might miss out on an experience or an opportunity – whether it’s a new career option or a potential mate.

It is impossible to predict the future (other than with Magic 8 Balls and Quiji boards, of course). Luck and chance and unexpected things will happen – some good and some bad. What is possible is to make decisions and choices today. Stop wringing your hands worrying about what might happen, and instead take action on things that are in your control. The best way to hedge your bets for the future is to act today.   Come visit us at Sea Coast Staffing if you’re looking for a new opportunity. Sign up to take that class. Ask the cute girl out on a date. Go pick out a puppy from the shelter (unless you’re a new high school grad and you expect mom and dad to foot the bill and take care of it. Then don’t act on that one.).

Which brings us back to the above quote from Mr. Lincoln. If we can all get into the habit of dealing with the future one day at time, the world might be a less scary place. We would be less stressed, be more productive, and probably a lot happier. EVERY day is a fresh start for all of us – not just the day after graduation – with unlimited possibilities.