Direct Hire Gains Momentum

Direct hire

This time last year Sea Coast Staffing opened a Direct Hire Division. With the economy improving and unemployment numbers dropping, we anticipated a need for longer-term staffing options for our clients. It was a leap of faith (like everything else we do – let’s be honest) but it was definitely the right thing to do.

The unemployment rate for Wilmington in June of this year – 4.9% – matches that of the rest of the country. In 2013 when we opened our office, the unemployment rate was 8.3%. We have watched it drop over 40% in the past three years. That is awesome – it means more people are working in the country and in our community.   But it also means fewer candidates out there looking for jobs.

So why is a direct hire option so important now?   When unemployment levels are high that means there are a lot of candidates out there looking for work.   They are oftentimes willing and eager to be placed in a temporary or a temp-to-hire position. A foot in the door and a paycheck is almost always better than no job at all. Companies have the luxury of test-driving an employee for 90 days to see if they are a good fit for the job.

But – when unemployment levels are down and there are fewer active candidates looking for work, it can be much more difficult to attract the best candidates into a temporary or temp-to-hire position.   The best candidates for your job are often already employed. They may be looking for a new opportunity or be willing to consider a new job, but they are less likely to leave a position for a contract one. Few professionals are going to risk a regular paycheck for a temp-to-hire opportunity.

That’s when working with a staffing agency with a direct hire focus can be your best bet. We can broaden your candidate pool – the ones actively looking for work as well as the passive candidates, the ones who are already working but may be the perfect fit for your opening.  The costs to your business are usually about the same (and direct hire is often the less expensive option for the client than a 90 day contract period).

So give us a call – take a leap of faith. We did.