“Don’t be afraid of change because it’s leading you to a new beginning.” -Joyce Meyer

Don't be afraid

This month has brought a number of changes to Sea Coast Staffing. We said good-bye to Eileen, who is moving to California to soak up the sun, the sea and perfect weather every single day of the year (can you say “jealous”?). We will miss her and we wish her a bright and sunny future – come back and visit us, Eileen!

We have also added some new faces to our Sea Coast family – a huge welcome to Sierra Briney and Ryan Smith! Sierra interned with us during her last semester in college and we were so impressed with her talent, work ethic and knack of picking up the nuances of this crazy business that we asked her to join our team. Sierra manages the reception desk for us, as well as assisting Erica with our ever-growing Event Division.

Ryan is an HR professional who recently relocated to Wilmington. He came to Sea Coast looking for help with his job search and we snapped him up too! He is doing an amazing job recruiting and filling job orders, not to mention balancing out the abundance of estrogen that we have in our office…

Change can be hard, messy and a bit scary – whether it’s within your business, your job, your home or your relationships – but we all need to embrace change to continue to grow.   So look forward to whatever changes are coming down the road for you – and let us know if we can help you if your change involves moving to our beautiful city or finding a new job.   But be careful – we might just not let you go….