5 Things NOT to do in an Interview

5 things not to do
  1. Don’t be late.  Period.  If you’re late to the interview, you give the impression that you will be late to work and have a slack work ethic.  Get there 30 minutes early and go down the block for a cup of coffee if you need to, but do NOT be late.
  2. Don’t complain about previous employers.  Even if your former boss was scarier than Cruella de Vil, don’t say it.  In their head, a hiring manager will hear you complaining about them down the road, and nobody wants a starring role in your whiny stories.
  3. Don’t exaggerate your knowledge and/or experience.  Hiring managers are not stupid and can often see through your bravado.  Yes, you want to paint the best possible picture of yourself, but be honest about your abilities.  Don’t say you’ve worked with Quickbooks for years if you’ve never seen it.  It is much better to say that you haven’t had any experience with it, but you are a quick learner and are happy to put in some extra time to bring yourself up to speed.
  4. Don’t dress too casually.  It is far, far better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Dress conservatively and professionally – no flip-flops, shorts, wrinkled shirts or low-cut blouses.  You don’t want the hiring manager to look at you and think, “Really?  Doesn’t he OWN a mirror?”  And while we’re on the subject, no perfume or cologne.  If the employer has an aversion to your special scent, you’ve just lost the job.
  5. Don’t overdue the enthusiasm.  Yes, you want to be eager and enthusiastic about the job, but don’t say, “I’ve dreamed of being a data entry clerk since I was a little boy.”  No job is nirvana – not even this one – and the hiring manager knows it.  Be temperate in your enthusiasm.