Holiday Staffing Tips

Holiday staffing tips

Seasonal jobs can be a great way to earn a little extra cash during this expensive time of year. Retail stores, hospitality industries (restaurants, hotels, country clubs, etc.), distribution and delivery services and customer service departments are a few of the employers that beef up their staffing for the holidays.

Employers add staff this time of year to cover the increased demand of the holiday season but many of those temporary hires can transition into permanent employment.  A company will almost always make a place for an exceptional employee, so capitalize on this opportunity!  Here are a few tips to help:

  1.  Use a temporary job as an opportunity to prove your value to the company.  Have a great attitude – be enthusiastic, reliable and SMILE!  Treat this as a permanent job and your supervisor might envision you as a full-time employee, too.
  2. Get to know the company and the players.  Build relationships with your supervisor and co-workers and become an integral member of their team.
  3. Let the managers know that you are looking for full-time work and would love to stay on with the company after the holidays.  Don’t assume that they know this!
  4. Be a proactive employee.  Ask questions if you need clarification and ask for feedback on how you’re doing.  Show that you want to do things the right way and are able to take constructive feedback and use it effectively.
  5. Even if a temporary gig doesn’t turn into a full-time job, it can be a positive addition to your resume and job search.  If you are an outstanding seasonal worker, you will end up with some stellar references and some great contacts for future networking.

A note for employers: If you are hiring temporary employees, you must still provide certain benefits by law.  These include unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation and withholding and paying Social Security and Medicare taxes.   Of course, if you use a staffing company to help you meet your employment needs, the staffing firm will provide these services for you.  Doesn’t that sound jolly?