New Year, New Word

New Year

Happy New Year!  I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the month of January – how can I already feel behind when the year just started?  Between Holiday preparations, family visits and two children home for their respective winter breaks, I still have one foot stuck in 2016 and have barely given a thought to resolutions and goals for this year.

I used to write out resolutions and they would range from drinking more water (and less wine) to taking up yoga, running a half marathon or giving up bread and potatoes.  I tried to do too many things, and then just felt guilty when I repeatedly failed at keeping them.  So a few years ago I jumped onto the idea of a single word to reflect my resolutions.  Through the years, I’ve used the words, “Declutter” (failed pretty dismally at that one – don’t look in my garage), “Balance”, and “Fun”.  I can’t say that I’ve made any major changes because of these words but they do give me a focus as I make decisions during the year.

This year my word is “Discipline”.  Discipline in my eating habits (farewell, sugar – I’ll miss you!), in my exercise routines, in my housekeeping (and yes, that includes the garage) and in my work.  The food, jogging and laundry parts all fit in with the normal, run of the mill resolutions that most people make.  But I really want to streamline my work world and have the discipline to stay on top of tasks and keep moving towards the end goals, while at the same time being disciplined in my personal time.  Nothing earthshaking, by any means, but I am hoping that by measuring most things that I do against how it weighs in with my goal of “discipline”, I will have a more productive, calmer and more joyful year.

So what’s your word?  What are your goals?  Is looking for a new job part of your new year?  Or hiring a new employee to help you simplify your work life so YOU can be more disciplined and productive in your world?  We, here at Sea Coast Staffing, would love to help you get there.  Call, email, or better yet – come and visit us.  And for once, I’ll be the disciplined one NOT eating chocolate …