The Tricycle of Life

Tricycle of life

My very wise mother-in-law has a theory about happiness.  She says that happiness is like riding a tricycle:

  1.  one wheel is good health
  2. one wheel is living with someone you love
  3. one wheel is doing work you enjoy and find meaning in

The people who have all three wheels are obviously the happiest – they are on solid ground in every area of their lives and have the stability to withstand a few bumps in the road.

The people who have two out of the three can lead happy and fulfilled lives, balancing on their two wheelers, but they can topple over quickly if they hit a rough patch.  Some people can even find happiness on one wheel, riding a unicycle, but it’s much more difficult to maintain balance in your life and long-term happiness while you’re wiggling to and fro, trying not to crash.

So how do we keep ourselves on the tricycle?

Good health is, at times, out of our hands.  Some people are born with physical or mental hardships, and others endure accidents and illnesses that can steal their good health.  But we can control the lifestyle choices that we make.  Food, exercise, hobbies and friendships can all impact our health, and help keep that first wheel rolling.

Living with someone you love is something that we should have some control over.  Choose wisely – whether it’s a roommate, a partner or a spouse.  I am very lucky to have always had this wheel securely under me – as an adult, I lived first with my two best friends in the world (at different times) and then with my husband.

The third wheel can, in some ways, be the trickiest.  Work is a necessity of life, and a big part of most of our lives.  So how do we find a way to make a living that is enjoyable and meaningful?    No job is perfect – there will be frustrations and anxiety attacks with any position – so we need to recognize that some ups and downs are normal and try to stay focused on the positive aspects.  Are the people nice and fun to work with?  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a task or project?  And if the answers are no, then you might want to consider doing something different.

Sea Coast Staffing would love to help you transition from a bicycle or unicycle to a tricycle.  Give us a call or send us your resume – we want to help make your life a beautiful ride.