The WOW Factor

The wow factor

If you drive around Wilmington this Saturday, April 23, 2016, you may be surprised to see a lot of people raking leaves, painting doors and hammering nails. It’s the annual Work on Wilmington (WOW) day, when hundreds of volunteers donate their time and energy to a variety of service projects throughout our community. For the last ten years, the Wilmington community has come together for 4 hours once a year to make Wilmington a better place to live. Individuals, businesses and community organizations join forces to complete service projects throughout the area that will improve the quality of life for our city and citizens. Over 40 different projects have been chosen for this year’s event, including schools, non-profits, senior centers and public areas. It is a citywide “sprucing-up”. Volunteers come from individuals, businesses, community groups and high school and college clubs. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to push up their sleeves, get a little dirty, and make a difference in a day.

Way back when, when Alexis and I were PTA Presidents at Roland Grise Middle School, we were fortunate to witness the amazing transformation that can occur in 4 short hours. On that beautiful Saturday morning, we had over 40 volunteers – men, women, teenagers, and children – descend upon our Roland Grise campus and radically improve the grounds in a matter of hours. People were painting fences, spreading mulch, planting flowers, fixing broken playground equipment and cleaning up the nooks and crannies of the schoolyard. The saying, “Many hands make light work”, is an understatement for Work on Wilmington. It is truly amazing what a difference a few hours and many hands can make!

Sea Coast Staffing is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event and we applaud everyone who is participating this year! All I can say is, WOW.