What’s YOUR 2015 Word?

What's your word

It’s New Year’s Day and people all over the world are busy making resolutions, setting goals and getting themselves organized for the year to come.  I’m all about resolutions and organization but I tend to make things overly complicated each year – I’m going to exercise 4 times a week, drink 8 glasses of water a day, stop spending money on things I don’t need, make more money, save more money, etc., etc.  My list is pretty much the same year after year and while I tend to do pretty well the first few weeks, by mid-March I’ve fallen off the wagon in most – ok, all – of my goals.

So . . . this year, I have a new strategy.  I chose one word to represent all of my goals and aspirations.  A word that I can (hopefully) keep in the forefront of my mind and weigh all decisions, big and small, against that idea.  My 2015 word is DECLUTTER.  I want to declutter my mind (I’m taking yoga!), declutter my body (stop eating food with ingredients that I can’t pronounce, not to mention cutting back on my sugar and wine habits), declutter my house (a trip to the consignment shop is in my near future), and declutter my closet (so don’t judge when I’m in the same black sweater every time you see me).  Not bad, right?  So when I pick up the gizmo or gadget at Target that catches my eye, I’m now going to ask myself, “Does this follow my declutter mantra?”  And if not (and let’s face it – 99% of the time, it won’t), then the gizmo will stay on the Target shelf for somebody else to buy and take home to clutter his or her house.

I’m telling everyone I know about my word in the hope that they can help me stick with it (it takes a village), and in the process of announcing my word for the year, I’ve heard other people come up with words of their own.  A few examples are BALANCE, SIMPLIFY, POSITIVE, SERENITY and FUN.  What’s your word going to be?

If it somehow includes making your work life a better place, then come visit us at Sea Coast Staffing – we would love to help in your quest to follow your mantra for 2015.

Now excuse me, I have a junk drawer to organize…